I Exist

by Ardent

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Somewhere in the process, the writing of this record had become self-therapy.

The theme is heartbreak to recovery; despair to hope. Everyone, at some point in their lives experiences it. Whether romantically or at the loss of a family member, it happens. Hearts break. I Exist tells the chronological path of one such broken heart, through the cloud of darkness it starts in, to the wistful, lingering thoughts, to the cancerous explosion of anger, to the quiet after the storm, to the reflection, to the acceptance, to looking towards tomorrow – to hope.

This is my album I Exist, and I am Ardent. Thank you for listening to my journey.


released September 1, 2016

All lyrics and music written and performed by Skye Burnett, with the exception of:
Track 4: Originally written and performed by Archive
Track 6: Co-written with Dara Mac Eoin
Track 9: Co-written with Samuel Salinas



all rights reserved


Ardent Montreal, Québec

Ardent: having, expressive of, or characterized by intense feeling; passionate.

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Track Name: Despair
Heal me
In me
Nails down
Get hurt
It's a ruse
Don't trust
Can't trust
Cloying darkness
Love lust
I hate
I hate
I saw it
I saw it coming
Curse you
Don't trust
I won't trust
I won't hurt again
Help me
Track Name: Porcelain Heart
You threw me away
You said I held you back
I was too sober for you
Now you're off, free
I'm a man forgotten
My lonely thoughts spin around
I know you don't think of me
But I still think about you

Take me away
To the past
Fix my porcelain heart
Take me away
To tomorrow
Where there's a new start

You're a drug I wish I hadn't taken
The withdrawal is killing me
There were so many other ways
So many solutions to cleaner happiness
But three times was the charm
Every last thing had to change
I know you don't think of me
But I still think about you

Thinking like this is bad for me
Is it so bad to miss love
I know in my heart's heart
That we are through
But my lonely thoughts spin around
I know you don't think of me
But I still think about you

Yeah, baby
I love you, I love you
I love you so much
I've never, I've never
I've never been so crushed
Track Name: Animal Inside
You're a liar
Every face I look at
Turns into yours
I wish I was as blind
As I had been before
Fuck your way to hell
I know I'll see you there

This animal inside of me
It's getting so angry
It's coming out of me
And not to play

You replaced me, used me, abused me
I want to love myself
Can't move past this hate
You spoke of leaving
Like it was for my own good
Quit being a fucking martyr
You died in my heart for yourself
No one is that selfless
I hope you find happiness

Every time I talk to you
I wonder why I do
I wasn't good enough to take
So instead you decided to break
I wasn't worth six hours
What a waste of flowers
Ardent, A Minor: "Fuck You"

I regret
Fighting for you
When you'd rather have left
Track Name: Taste of Blood
I get a taste of blood in my mouth when you're near
A feeling that's too painful to bear

I get a taste of blood in my mouth when you're near
A feeling that's too painful to bear

Straight to my head

I get a look of fear on my face with you here
A feeling that shivers down my skin

Try to resist, but it's just not finished with you yet
A hold too intense to forget
Track Name: Watch You Burn
You and your lies
Your plastic thighs

I want to watch you burn
Gonna watch you burn

Make your way down the avenue
Walk over stars, skipping the queue

I see someone who looks in the mirror
Can't see the cracks even when nearer

Tell me, how many fits have you threw
How many workers have you had screwed

I see someone who wants the attention
But only dishes out condescension
Track Name: Braille in the Sky
I say I don't believe
There's a god up there
If there was then why
Do our children die
There's no way
A god exists
Even though I want to believe

I'm blind to you
There's braille in the sky
Braille in the sky
But I can't feel something so far

I wish there was a higher power
Someone to watch out for me
In my time of need
If you exist
Give me a sign
Why don't you fix this broken world
Track Name: Face the Tide
Waiting for you was a mistake
Waiting for blue skies to overtake
Why did I believe you
When you said your heart was unchanged
I let you twist mine for the fourth time
I think it's time I get out of line
I never liked waiting, anyway

I don't want to feel anymore
I want to turn off my emotions

I find it difficult to write happy songs
I find it difficult to understand why you spoke to me
We were done
But you winked and led me on by a silver chain
I've never felt more dumb
We were done
Leave me alone

I'm not strong enough for suicide
So instead I'll grow up and face the tide
Face the tide
Track Name: I Exist
We're all gonna make it
Everything will be okay
There's no need to fray
Tomorrow will be better
Than today

I don't want to think about
I just want to move on
My life is worth living
I don't want it wasted on the past

Can you hear me
I exist

I've made mistakes
Life can feel like an outtake
But I know at the end of the day
There's always a way
The long road home

We're screaming to be heard
Above the sound of breaking hearts
Bombs are falling from our eyes
Track Name: Hope
I'm back where I belong
Summer has come
The long road home
Is done
I can love myself
Happiness is where you make it
This feels so right
I'm home