Far From The Light

by Ardent

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'Far From The Light' is a concept album on death, and discusses it in broad, harmonic and discordant brush strokes. The music brings the listener to calm, sorrowful and introspective landscapes one moment, and next to one of hellfire and bullets as witnessed from one standing amidst it.

It shifts between various genres: folk, rock, classical, flamenco, and metal, with an emphasis on progressive, winding compositions.

The album was written primarily across a four month period, although pieces of it have been waiting for the right song all the way back from 2013. It is meant to be listened to as a whole, for the story that book-ends the tales of the death of things, is one of identity.


released April 3, 2017

All lyrics and music written and performed by Skye Burnett.
Cover art by Anthony Maiuri.



all rights reserved


Ardent Montreal, Québec

Ardent: having, expressive of, or characterized by intense feeling; passionate.

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Track Name: Ego
I've fought so long and hard
I've sought the answer
Who am I
Who am I
Track Name: Bird Cage and Anchor
My anchor
How I loved you
Why did you have to go

The person keeping me from the sea
The one who's been as strong as a tree
The one who had so much love
The one who's gone up above

My anchor
Yes, I loved you
The one who was always true

My anchor
Oh, I loved you
I wanted to say thank you

She's waiting for freedom
But she can't leave today
She has too much love
That she can't get rid of

She wants to be free
She wants to fly away
From this bird cage she made

She feels friendless
They all left, stressless
But she can't leave now
Her family needs her
She won't break her vow
She won't break her vow

She had left once
Her heart was heavy
Maybe it was guilt
Or maybe it was love

She wants both paths
She can't pick one
Big life or nothing
Or does she stay behind, undone
How much does truly she owe them?
How much of her life is her own?

Her whole life has been
One option or the other
She doesn't want to
Give up anything

Set me free from this cage I have made
Set me free
Track Name: Stardust
That's all we'll ever be
Coiling in inner seas
Leaving you from me
Born from
The universe
The void is calling

Is what I'll become
Don't cry
For me tonight
I'm gone
But still with you

Wipe your tears away
Oh darling
Tomorrow's another day
Keep your eyes off your feet
You need to move forward
I want you to dance
And smile at the clouds for me
Oh darling
Yeah, smile for tomorrow

Yeah, oh
How many ways can I say it
I don't want you crying
Hold on to your memories

My love
My requiem
Forgive me
For chaining your heart

Violent emotions in the wake of loss
Let us not gloss over what we have left
There are memories still, be not bereft
Of happiness, and forward-motion
To do so would be to insult the very notion
Of living legacy left behind
Track Name: Beautiful Disaster
I see no way
To return to how we were
We've gone too far
We are what we are

You're a beautiful disaster
We've made our choices
Life's a blur
I wish this wasn't true
I do

You're no good for
Me or you
You're a beautiful disaster
I wish this wasn't true
I do

You don't love me
And I can't love you
What have we done
It was supposed to be fun

Tell me there's another way
Tell me we can go back
Tell me we can stay
Tell me we should throw it all away

We fucked each other
And fucked it all over
Whatever was there
Is now ash and cinder
Rewind one year
We're still miserable fucks
Fastforward to now and
We're still fucking it up

Oh, what have we become

I'd say you were to blame
But that's only half true
There may have been a flame
But we made it a game

Oh, what have we become
Track Name: The End of Mankind
Do you hear that sound
A whistle so far away
Can you see the drowned
Everything is so grey
They're going underground
We are our own prey
The clouds are crowned
Fire is here to stay
Damnation is where we're bound

I guess it was time
For the end of mankind
Clocks going tick tock
Oceans rising, bombs falling
Smoke rising, ashes falling
End is coming, end is coming
End is coming, end is coming
Oh we're all going to die
In graves we dug with atom bombs
Oh we're all going to die
We're going six feet under

Oceans rising
Ashes falling

They saw the comets rain down
Made of gunmetal and brimstone
A celebration of birth
They had come so far
Hand in hand, but ears closed off
From each other
It's the end of an eternity
It was inevitable
They could have stopped
But the greed won out
There's no second chances
Time has run out
Women and children first
Step into the darkness
It's last thing you'll see
So say your prayers

Cities destroyed
The skeleton of their failure
Into the void
We killed our saviour
A desert is what we left
Our lifetimes obsessed
The clouds are crowned
Fire is here to stay
Damnation is where we're bound

The end of mankind
Has come
The end of mankind
Is here to stay
They've all gone away
Forever betrayed
By their own selves
Track Name: Shapeshifter
It comes as no surprise
I've seen my own demise
I Exist, blue skies
Epitaph, a darker guise
Always adrift, I'm needing to shift

Going where I haven't been
Changing my skin
I have become the shapeshifter

The old self dies
New soul flies

These faces that I've worn
Each one I don't mourn
From under a new one born
I will adorn
Masks and liars, light the pyres

Track Name: Godless
Trigger happy white man American cop
You're killing our brothers and sisters
Mothers and fathers
Why are you so

Pull the trigger, sink a bullet
You killed a school boy
Pull the trigger, are you proud
American hero

The bells are tolling for the lost children
God is wearing black
Will you show your face

A requiem
The heavens weep

You think you can escape the law
Just because you wear a badge
Do you think you're safe

I wish for a great mistake
To show you your way
I wish that you could see
Your path is wrong

White man can do no wrong
Give him a medal
Why are you so

I'm gone
Another day, another death
What's more blood on your hands
Bullets equal paperwork
Sign them with a smirk
I make news, I was your muse
Discharged, recharge in your chair
Fireplace burning high
My pyre to the sky
When you sleep
You don't dream
Another night
What's life mean?
The gun wasn't heavy
I wasn't ready
Innocence, wickedness
Co-exist, enlist
Pull the trigger
I'm just a

You know what I am
Wanna know what you are?

Listen to me
Take it away
Take it all

You serve a sermon
In garden of snakes
You preach god but
You've got the devils own take

Your eyes are slanted
And your tongue split
All this evil enchanted
The altar boy is outwit

You're a godless monster
Where's your honour
Lambs to the slaughter
Where's your honour

You wear the cross but
You'd never carry it
It weighs too much
But not as much as your gun

You wave the bible so
Respect thy neighbour
But only if his skin
Matches your colour

A pyre burns for every life lost
The night sky is lit
Clouds made of fire

Look into our eyes
See the
Killer, kill, murder
Light into darkness
Red ocean
Ankle deep
Murder, fire
Gone, father
Crying for us
Light the pyre
Track Name: Far From The Light
We're far from the light
Far from the light
Far from the light
Far from the light

I'm by myself
There's no more heroes
Salvation is inside
This light is so far gone

My god, I'm so far from the light
I don't know who I've become
Or who I'm meant to be
Who am I

Is it too late
Am I too far gone
This tunnel is dark at both ends

The one to talk to left this world and
The one who taught me faded away
I didn't know what I had
Until I lost it that day
That's how it goes
Their lights so bright
Are now underground so tight
I'd give my voice and my fingers too
To see your faces one more time

I've fought so long and hard
I've sought the answer
Who am I
Who am I

I think I see the light